Building Signs

This sign is how most of your customers will perceive your brand

Building signs are the welcome mat for your company. As customers pass by, your building sign acts as a beacon, inviting them into your brand and into your business.

A building sign can be very simple or very elaborate, but what's most important is that your customer remembers it, feels welcomed by it and it represents your company accurately.

Building signs can be made into many shapes and sizes, with different materials for backlit or front lit solutions and include graphics and special features in any color. Image 360 can help you find the solution that's best for you!

Custom Sign faces

We can provide high quality polycarbonate replacement sign faces for any new or existing sign cabinet.

Flat Sign Faces

Great value for standard and non-standard sizes sign faces.

  • Available in height up to 6 feet and width up to 12 feet. Made from solar grade polycarbonate
  • Provides a slightly larger ad area than a similar size pan formed face
  • Optional full color printed digital graphic or vinyl lettering

Pan Faces

Good value for standard sizes sign faces where a dimensional look is desired. Available in most whole cabinet sizes from 2x4 up. Note: Pan formed sign faces are approximately ¼ inch smaller in height and width than the cabinet to allow insertion into the cabinet.

  • Pan forming increases overall strength
  • Pan forming improves light distribution in narrow sign cabinets

Channel Letters

Channel letters are custom-made, three dimensional, individually cut metal or plastic letters that are commonly used on the buildings for Exterior signage

With Channel Letters, you can have anything from standard font styles to complete customization. We create professional channel letters that are ideal for any business that wants a unique eye-catching look.

Monument Signs

Architectural monument signs are made from aluminum, brass, bronze, acrylic, stainless steel, stone, or any material of your choice.

Custom exterior signs can be fabricated to your exact specifications and needs. Metal letters and logos give you the utmost appeal when producing a monument sign for building identification or entrance to your estate or housing development. Long-lasting finishes are a must when producing the image of your choice.

Upscale projects or developments are enhanced with the beauty of a monument sign when it is done with quality and taste.

Post and Panel System

Post and panel signs offers a low cost solution for those business’s wishing to add exterior signage to their building or grounds, without the higher cost of a totally fabricated sign system.