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Simplify your fulfillment workflow with Darkroom Software

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Image 360 has partnered with Darkroom Software to offer you a complete studio management system.  Darkroom offers several software solutions depending on your needs.  Many of our clients have found the “free” web edition is everything they need.

With Darkroom you can manage your work flow, catalog your jobs, create packages, manipulate your images, and electronically transmit your orders to Image 360.  Darkroom also offers you the option of posting your images online through Photo Reflect.  Online posting allows you to receive orders from your customers 24/7.

Darkroom Web Edition Download

Darkroom Web Edition is free sofware that can get you connected directly to our lab.  While it doesn't contain all of the features of the Core or Pro editions of Darkroom, it does have extensive functionality that most of our professional photographer customers find sufficient for their needs.

Software: Darkroom Web Edition

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