This section includes downloads for our Pro Photographer Clients.

Darkroom & PhotoReflect Software

PhotoReflect LE

PhotoReflect LE is the replacement to the Darkroom Web edition.  This new software runs on a new and improved platform that makes the software more stable and user friendly.

It also has a new look and a few functionality changes but otherwise works the same as Darkroom Web edition.

  • New and Improved Setup Screen
  • Import photos directly from your Windows directory structure
  • Send and print all saved orders to Image 360 simultaneously

PhotoReflect LE is available for download here:

Software: PhotoReflect LE

Please note that PhotoReflect LE will require your Lab account login in order to access the program.  If you misplaced your credentials, give us a call and we can look them up for you!

Darkroom Web Edition

Darkroom Web edition is free sofware that can get you connected directly to our lab. While it doesn't contain all of the features of the Core or Pro editions of Darkroom, it does have extensive functionality that most of our professional photographer customers find sufficient for their needs.

Software: Darkroom Web Edition

Gallery Wrap Templates

Image 360 now offers Gallery Wraps directly through Darkroom Software. Since these products are slightly more than just standard prints, it is important to download templates to use during the ordering process.

Gallery Wrap Template - 20x24 (2012)

Gallery Wrap Templates

Tutorial: Canvas Templates for Darkroom™

Greeting Card Templates

Image 360 offers our pro photographers a wide variety of standard and custom greeting cards.  Our pre-made greeting card templates are all available for download to use with Darkroom software.  We also can make greeting cards for you if you are not currently using the Darkroom Sofware.

We offer two different sizes of photographic greeting cards…..4x8 and 5x7.  Our cards are available in either lustre or metallic finish.

Greeting Card Templates

2011 Greeting Card Templates

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