8mm Movies to DVD

Preserve your family heritage with dvd copies of your old 8mm or 16mm movies

8mm MoviePreserving your family history is Important. Your wedding, family meetings, the first steps of your children, graduations, holidays and many other similar events constitute moments that should be shown to children and grandchildren.

For whole generations, these moments were stored on old fragile film reels which decay with time. Image 360 uses state-of-the art equipment to transfer these old reels of film onto a digital media which will last for years to come.





Film Types

We transfer 8mm, Super 8 mm and 16 mm film. If you are unsure of which format you have please look at the charts below to help determine your film type.








How much film do you have?

We charge by the foot to transfer old movies to dvd. Please use the guide below to determine approximately how many feet of old movies you have.

Reel Diameter

3" Reel

4" Reel

5" Reel

6" Reel

7" Reel

8" Reel

10" Reel

12" Reel

# of Feet









Determining how long your movies will run

Film Length Reg 8mm Silent Super 8mm Sound Super 8mm 16mm 18 fps
50 feet 3:30 3:12 2:30 1:51
200 feet 14:00 12:48 10:00 7:24
800 feet 56:00 51:12 40:00 29:38

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